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Chapter 6: Irreconcilable reasonless pain and suffering

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Hey all,

Here’s the final part of this little book. I will hopefully write the other parts later next year. I hope you’ve appreciated some of my writings here. With that being said, I am looking for Beta readers that could look over it and give me their thoughts on the entire narrative. If you would like to be a Beta, just reply to this email and I’ll forward you the full formatted manuscript. A few hundred words on your reflections on how it impacted you personally and/or how it could be improved would be so appreciated! Thereafter I do a full line-edit, switch around the chapters for better flow and get it out to the world.

See my initial thoughts for writing this little book project this here

Breaking Free From Mass Produced Consciousness

Table of Content

Part 1

  1. Self-overcoming and Self-reliance 

  2. Symbolic Death

  3. Will to Power

  4. A guide to think in one’s owns way

  5. Towards new meaning and human values

  6. Irreconcilable reasonless pain and suffering 

Chapter 6

Irreconcilable reasonless pain and suffering

We have this weird relationship with pain and suffering. We try to avoid it as much as possible at any given moment as if we should live a happy life with complete bliss at all times. This is society's dream. That's the unattainable ethos and neurosis many people strive for in their lives, yet the vision of living completely happy as society has defined it for you will render you numb, locking away your taste buds to just few flavors of life, sensing your senses to only five senses, locking your soul to one story. Why deprive yourself of all that you can be?  

We automatically assume that pain is bad because it doesn't make us feel good at the moment. It makes us fall down to some ravine inside ourselves, our legs and arms are broken, then we are unable to climb out of it. Then as if we anxiously await looking for the torrential rivers that are going to drown us and sweep us away towards our own oblivion if we let that pain in. That's how we view pain, we feel that we can predict it so we try to avoid it as much as possible. Society has not taught us the language of our own being. The words to your pain and interpreting the pathway towards your healing.

We try to escape pain and run away from it as if it's the worst thing possible. Have you ever tried to sit with your pain, that pulsating wave of lava that moves your temperament and extinguishes your light. It can birth new worlds and islands in you. It can show you the way that you have been holding back in yourself for so long. It can extinguish the fear you’ve been holding deep in your chest.

Can you light your darkness with your moon? Can you find the joy in the sadness and see parts of yourself you have never seen before? This is the power and potential of pain. It is neither trash nor is it toxic. It is a messenger from the below and the beyond that has come into you to tell you more of you. Only if you are willing to heed its calling. Only if you are willing to welcome it into your garden, share your delightful meals with it and express all that it has to say readying you for something greater that you don’t know yet of. 

Isn't it true most of us have the mentality that we have to curate every little aspect of our lives and engage people and experiences that are not so toxic, leave behind all the things that will overwhelm us completely and fight for those things and people that bring life to us? What we fail to understand is that pain and suffering is something so innate to the human condition. 

Pain and suffering are so reasonless because society has anesthetized it, has sanitized it, it has washed it away in the gutters. 

Do become so suspicious of living in a world that seeks this endless seeking away from pain.

Pain can be the goodness of the dawn in the experience. It can be the clearing of the blue sky after a storm. It can be the binding rivers of meaning of things you have not dealt with. 

Society has locked away any formalities of integrating these essential shadow parts of ourselves that would lead us towards a path of us thriving as a whole being and organism. Isn’t that what you want? Or would do you want to be the rat racing endlessly in a plastic aquarium searching for the cheese hanging right above them, their stomach gurgling and their dream of reaching this dream and this facade. Do you want to be this rat racing in a closed tank being watched, thinking it’s being alive yet its growing old, passing away with time and becoming numb and fading away and never knowing the truth of the complexities that exists outside the tank? That is the plight of humanity.

Pain and its wisdom can teach us so much. It can teach us to endure. It can teach us to become more resilient. It can sharpen our tools and our minds to perceive things we had not yet seen. 

Pain and suffering are signals to inform us that something has to change and evolve. It's the portal of information for which we are destroyed by and recreated. 

We can never escape pain and suffering. It's something that we have to fully embrace. As it is inextricably tied to the human condition. 

Pain is a highway on which we must pass to arrive at the destination we want to or didn't know we had to. We can’t fly over it, we can submerge ourselves nor dig ourselves out of us. It is a clear path right now sensing what brings you the most pain and with the right perspective we may bring about the passages of energy it unlocks within us when we encounter it or it encounters us.

The moment we are born in this world as new borns we desire touch from our parents and if we don’t receive it we scream in pain. We desire food as the pangs of hunger rise and if we don’t receive it we scream in pain. We desire sleep and a simple space and if we don’t receive it we scream in pain.

Suffering is a matter of life and it's a fact of our being. To suffer is to be human. To be human is to have felt and processed deep pain whether we are aware of it or not. Pain is where the light enters. Its is the cosmic cord that ripens the soul. Its is the flower that can bloom in us more empathy for others who have gone through pain.

The beauty of this living human is that inside of it exists an unimaginable vision of the future. This reasonless pain and suffering is the future you wanting to be born through you. It is the outworld of the cosmos moving through you and your world unfolding itself. You will feel pain and suffering because the mortality in us is continually evolving and changing and transforming through you. It yearns to move with the cosmic change. 

To experience a level of pain is just another language that can be understood. One we must understand. Our natural inclination is to remove or cauterize that pain but the unconventional approach is that we must move our chariots and will with all our might towards that pain.

Dealing and engaging our pain slowly is the same as the need for food, the need to sleep, the need to be engaged in good community with other. We make pain reasonable by creating a practice of moving in us to lift it out of the dark corners of ourselves we have buried it in.

Pain and suffering should be part of the cacophony of life. 

We have to be as near as possible to that pain. We have to run towards it. That pain is the universe painting itself through us. That pain is the evolution of mankind. We heed its understanding then we can evolve. 

Irreconcilable reasonless pain and suffering exist because society has domesticated our emotions and our feeling of our own pain. 

Bring pain into the fold of yourself, when you experience it don’t shy away from it. Find ways to express it, find ways to talk about, find ways to understand it, find ways to embody it. You accelerate the inevitable, your healing and your growth.  

To embrace pain is the feel more of the world.

By feeling more of the world you can connect with everyone around you.

By feeling more of the world you can express greater parts of who you are.

By expressing greater parts of who you are, your ideas, your actions, visions, you can create a better future and a better world!

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In good spirit,