Fabrice's Newsletter #8

Chapter 2: Symbolic Death

This newsletter tries to capture a myriad of topics and commentaries and bring you greater purpose and clarity in your life and in the world. My hope is this can inspire you to greater heights of understanding and a create a better future for this planet!

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Table of Content

Part 1

  1. Self-overcoming and Self-reliance 

  2. Symbolic Death 

  3. Will to Power 

  4. A guide to think in one’s owns way 

  5. Towards new meaning and human values 

  6. Irreconcilable reasonless pain and suffering 

Chapter 2

Symbolic Death

You’ve been dead for billions of years before you ever arrived here on Earth. Don’t you know in your DNA the river of all life is entirely encoded? In all your bones the dust of distant stars are animating your limited existence between two eternities? Don’t you see that you're on your way to the undying? 

Yet, this society insists on making you hold on so close to the beliefs that everything around you is so real and that it’s all so true? It makes you hold on to this little spec of reality like a handkerchief filled with chloroform, wrapped around your face, suffocating you from the inside. Preventing that burgeoning cosmos in you to expand in its constant yearning to explode into love.  

Everything in our modern society is completely man made. Filled with imperfections. Complete fables of the imagination that were made materialized by humans not any different than you. They made it all up. It was all dreamt up deep in their minds. Now, even though they are long gone, you still live in their world? Don’t you know inside of you, you have a renaissance waiting to happen? 

This modern world continues to impose its will on people. Forcing them to comfort to unreal things. Forcing them to attach themselves to the first sentence of a large book. When this living is all about moving to the next chapters. When this story you are and all its meaning that you can be must be claimed. Dancing to the arcs of this grand adventure. Venturing out to the eddies of the unknown. Embracing with play. Seeking guidance from that deep excitement for awe and wonder that boils in you. 

You know why the snake sheds its skin? Why do hermit crabs move into larger shells? Why do plants that outgrow their pots need a larger one? Has anyone ever told you that you must do the same? That you must shed your skin. That you must dissolve your mind and acquiesce to the eternity inside of you. That you need to give way to your core. Say goodbye to your old self every time the earth's hurries back around the sun? to embrace the new, and move inside of you your teeming mass society? 

To symbolically die is about transition and dealing with them. Understanding why they are needed. Venturing for the wisdom and learning from the degrees of separation within. 

To die symbolically is about self-destruction. Inducing it for your own remaking. A perpetual one. Breaking old patterns to acquire new beliefs and living them out. Making way for new and healthier ones. Recognizing that stride and knowing when to stop, when to breath, when to dance and when to move. Knowing fully when you’ve outgrown a certain view, so a new space can be carved out for your own evolution. 

To die symbolically is to bury yourself beneath the ground in yourself, let go of your old self and let yourself rise as a seed will always do. Moving to a newness. Crushing and cracking open through the surface of the earth. Twisting full of growth. Directed by the heat of the soul. To die symbolically is to move into a new state of awareness and integration. It is to look inside yourself at the parts decaying that you are holding unto and composting them intentionally. Harvesting their potency. Fermenting their essence and letting yourself transition. 

It is seeing the carcass that has helped you so much yet letting go of it is an art. Letting yourself go is an art.  Moving out of your own way is an art. Stepping back from the stage where a new conductor must lead this new chapter of your life.

Welcome them with a great Banquet, these new ideas, these new habits, they only, only them will take lead into the unknown of who you will become. Understanding that each moves a life of their own. They will need to be cared for, some will grow to maturity and some will need to be archived.

 The voices that have guided you for so long will not always take center fold in your continued awakening. They will not always have your best interest. They will hold on to their power if they can and hold you captive to their tyranny. Maladapted to the new generations on the ground. 

You have to discern for your next self who will be the ones that will rise at each stage of your life? Who will be those things which will guide the visions of the unborn and the undying in you. Who will heed the callings of your flames before its ascent? 

The moment you are born into modern society. You are casted to a specific role. You’re given a history to adorn. An identity to embrace and to shame. A skin color built with a past. An economy to commodify. A living character with the cosmos trapped inside of them. Truly a stray jacket so tight, so full of violence and pain. So bounded by one or two feeble moral and social belief systems. A glitchy operating system for mankind’s mind at best. It doesn't teach you how to heal. Modernity has failed us. It does not teach us how to grow. How to live and unlearn. How to let go.  

Why be stuck to one casting then? Why be you for the rest of your life? Why not seek the greatest things that you can be? To die symbolically is to be reborn. It’s to take yourself out of the play and see your life for what it is. To play infinitely, willingly and consciously. A social contract. A stage. You could be the one you truly desire but that one must deal with pain through change, with stride, and with dance. It's the only way. 

You could put down that single mask that has weighed you heavy. You could place in a box begin to tuck away in your inner home those Victorian clothing that have slowed you down and given shape to your personality. You could change your shoes so you could run faster. Or create the ones with spikes that allow you to climb that icy mountain. You could switch to those parachutes so you could glide down from the peak's arrival.

All the parts that make up your character. All the parts that make up you are so finely interwoven. Those things they ascribe to you, to how you look, to how you feel, to how you think and to how you wear your life. It’s all meaning. It’s all stories and symbols that can direct your life. Often so forcefully. Violently tying your hands together to a moving chariot with three horses and being dragged by them on a floor. Is this what you’ve agreed to? Shouldn’t you be your own master in that chariot. Shouldn't you be the head of your own temple? Shouldn't you have to decide what goes on in you? Aren’t you it’s ultimate Master? Why give the world so much credit to make sense of your origins?

 All the parts that make up your character. Those ideas. They can be transformed. They must be reborn. They must be allowed to enter the flow of change. They must make way for the next Act. You must retire them as they age into you. As they ripen. They must be harvested. You must transition them before they rot. Modernity breeds moving corpses so attached to their roles that commands them. You must take back control. 

As you move through life and gain new experiences, you will outgrow everything you know and have been. To die symbolically is to know that every aspect of you, from your understanding of your past, your relations to your purpose, the masks you wear  in the spaces you enter, the shoes you wear to navigate this world. The habits that have brought you balance or caused you pain for so long. All of them must be transformed. All of them will have their end if the spark of awe and the spark of flames are not its core. Those are the highest order.

You have to discern when they hurt you more than they help you. You have to set that system of recycling in yourself. Just as a forest does. Just as a natural ecosystem has in place to embrace the changes and things that it needs to adapt. The natural systems to face the challenges that awaits. 

So go forth into yourself. Strip yourself free of this spec of reality. It's ok. Dress yourself to your own authentic liking to survive and to dance. Do what you must to transform and adapt all over again and again. Love will await your arrival. 

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In good spirit,