Fabrice's Newsletter #10

Chapter 3: Will to Power

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Table of Content

Part 1

  1. Self-overcoming and Self-reliance 

  2. Symbolic Death 

  3. Will to Power 

  4. A guide to think in one’s owns way 

  5. Towards new meaning and human values 

  6. Irreconcilable reasonless pain and suffering 

Chapter 3

Will to Power

Don’t you remember that first time when you wanted something in your life? You might have been just a small child with a spark. Wanting a small book, a superhero toy that took your attention, a video game you asked for, on your birthday, you wanted it so desperately. Or what about the place you dreamed of traveling to. Or even the love or friendship of somebody you desired so deeply?

Deep in your gut a gushing force was moving. No matter what happened, you were entirely fixated on that goal. On that vision. It moved you towards constant action. You took active steps to claim it. It was an unexplainable feeling of thrill merging with the lines of a tormented you.

From that spark every fiber of your being wanted that vision. Some might have called it an addiction. Others might have said that you were blinded by that light. Obsessed. Blinded by that want. Many would begin to tell you the things you should desire instead. Yet, you were so stubborn. You wouldn’t give up at all.

Where is that flame now? Where is this gushing moment that pushed you to expand? Magnified you to become more than you ever thought you could? To seek the things that you only yourself desired in this life? For yourself in this long journey of life.

What If I told you that, this is the majority of living, it is to claim that power in you. It is to truly step into yourself. To harness that Will Power.

Like a metal sword being melted and forged from hot flames and in your hands a large heavy cosmic hammer smashing into it being like Zeus, forging that lightning in you, over and over again. Giving shape to that life force. Giving shape to that Will to flow again and again even after society has dulled all its sharpness, removing its charge, then pulling you to oblivion and reducing your abilities completely.

You must learn to re-melted it again. You should feel selfish about this recharge of yourself. It’s you and it’s always been about you. Your ultimate refinement.

Yet, what a paradox humanity truly is. Until you have achieved a level of mastery of your Will, you can help no one. You will only charge the shadows in you. It will be the blind leading the blind into more chaos. It will be a cracked mirror reflecting broken truths.

Immensely so, you must unravel the intricacies that make you you. You must create that space in you to understand the forces that excite you to actualize. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of it. It's not selfish, it’s your life. It’s your dream. It's your gifts. Yet, why has society made it so bad for you to engage in your own self-care, you own self-evolution and for you to become your own best advocate?

What are you Willing to sacrifice to get it? It’s plain and simple. You must be Willing to plunge directly into a volcano, dig with your hands, and bring back the precious metals in the bottom floor that Will make up your Will. You have to be so sure and guided by this Will of yours that even if a giant Meteor from space comes through the clouds into your life, blocking out your sun and leaving a large crater in your city. Hopelessly depriving you of yourself, from yourself and any life whatsoever. Pulverizing you into fine sand and fine dust. But you Will keep going and still you Will rise.

You Will be horribly beaten. You Will crawl on the floor on your knees. You Will be bloodied in this war that is life. Everything might be taken away from you. But that generative Will power of yours, that little light of yours, it Will shine, it Will never cease, no matter what, if you’ve defined it, found it in yourself and are lucky enough to witness its rise. Then you Will continue to March on like a giant army endlessly capable and endlessly with vigor.

It’s unexplainable. Some Will call it madness for the very wild ideas it makes you think of. Others might call it divine inspiration for the great magic that occurs from you having succeeded just once and then more arising out of the ten of thousands to millions of relentless trials and errors of life that no one ever sees.

Others Will call you insane, you repeating the same process, over and over again expecting different results every time. Some Will call it genius to the feats one is able to achieve with this superhuman strength.

Super man is that being that transcends all things of oneself. The highest Will is the Will of the super man that exists in you, it is the Will that is divinely guided and favored by the gods. It is the Will that moves himself outside any other formalities and structures that society makes you believe in. It is the creative life force that exists at the edge of creation and destruction.

It is a dangerous Will. A Will that is a great menace to a society ruled by chaos. For this Will bring you much struggles and restlessness. This Will Will move the sleeping mind of men towards action. This Will Will violently sweep the hearts of a dormant humanity.

This Will is a Will of great responsibility and strong ethics. It is truly a dangerous Will. It is the Will of the universal human. The infinite and finite player. The Will of the cosmic ego. The Will of the ancient marvel. One truly guided by the sense of the collective. To achieve their goals as it aligns with the evolutions of their species on this earth.

This super man does not have a cap. Nor does it fly around a city saving the helpless. But this super man does hold the ability to render himself able to deal with the highest forms of struggle and suffering. Because through this Will and his Will only, he is able to walk in hot charcoal and face even more challenges.

Through his Will he is able to withstand hurricane force winds in this inner life. Even solar flares and shattering quakes and fissures are the result of this living with an eternal core and a fading transient physical world. He is able to Will new meaning and wisdom at the snap of his fingers. With the batting of his eyes he can recreate themselves instantaneously.

How does one become their own super man? How does one merge all these streams that give life to who we are?

The drives in us. There are thousands of Wills inside of us. Some of them are from a lower order. Some are just there and left over from history. Some hold greater grasps to the turbulent tides and the forces of society have built in us. Some hide themselves in the shadows of our psyche. Some can move us into action without our own knowing or our own willing.

Humanity is a biomechanical creature with strands and traces of the primal forces that still hold truth into our soul and our inner life. They are irrational at best and at first.

Just like a mad dog who begins to salivate upon the sight of a chicken bone. Just like a mad mob angry and moving towards their picketed truths. Some are mere amoebas and incapable life forces. Others were there long before we were ever born.

One must be able to discern whose will is effectively leading them into this life and all the spaces we enter at all times.

As the world has made humanity a prisoner to himself. You must free your Will as if it were the prophetic battle between heaven and hell. You must free your Will like your empire, your civilization, your authenticity, your unique voice and your own way of moving in to this world all needed your resolute force to fight for it. You must free the highest Will. Make space in that Will to rise.

This Will to power is the divine alignment of the rivers of life that all succumbs and merges forcefully to an unexplainable awareness filled with unique visions and constant clarity of reality. The rivers of life that all align together in one flow, becoming an internal jet stream that cannot be stopped.

Dams must be built inside yourself. You must have control of all the Wills that flow inside of you. You must break the Dams and floodgates of a society that is submerging your life outside of your own way. Outside of your own rhythm and your own mythmaking.

You must place new dams to society’s flow. You must build new dams inside of you not only to guide each flow of the Will so you can harness and revitalize your divine essence. So you can know too when to block that flow completely so passage and entry to another may be born or become stronger in another. So your crops and seeds and intentions can flow more into yourself.

This Will to power is a fortified fortress. This Will power is the focal point of destiny. It is the true alignment between your heart terrain, the worlds of the body and the limitless skies of the mind. All Will need to move into one flow with vortexes in between and smaller flows in creative shapes.

This labyrinth that lives in you, you must discover and reconfigure it by stepping into your own being.

Imagine the entire universe exploding into being and now you exist. It's that same gushing force that resides in you. You are it and you cannot be contained but you can harness your potential. That potential you claim becomes your mission, why you are here on this planet.

Don’t you see you hold a true noble face? Don’t you know inside of you the majestic divine creative principle flows to your words, to your ideas, to your actions into all aspects of your being and love? So you must irrigate yourself into being. Push that Will to emerge infinitely.

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