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Chapter 5: Towards new meaning and human values

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Hello all,

I hope you have been well especially in these times where the media seems heavy and destruction is the norm that we see of this world. Haiti has been weighing on my mind especially with the recent earthquake that has rocked its land again just a few days ago. I am pensive, reflecting and praying that all that has happened to her, she will rise stronger than ever. The spirit of her revolutionary ways will one day sweep the world’s hearts and minds once again.

In these turbulent moments, you have to take time for yourself. Seriously you have to create space for your heart and mind to be still. Going through the motion intensely and not taking time to stop and be still will leave you burn out. You will be like a gigantic wax candle, extinguished, formless whose gut has melted completely all over the floor. It will leave you with a lack of purpose and lack of being. Go out and spend more time in nature. Journal more often. Use other avenues in your life to uplift your spirit, sharpen your mind and hold on very tightly your visions and dreams.

I’ve been thinking about this particular book project and found a new title (“Breaking Free From Mass Produced Consciousness”) that I will stick with. It better engages the holistic messages of semiology imbedded in a nietzschian, barthesian and derridean lens, post-structuralism and existentialism that one must go through to thrive in this very intense world.

These teachings I have been writing since the start of this year I hope to finalize the last chapter soon for the first part of this small book that is part-philosophy and part-Self help for artists and leaders who care about making an impact in the world. I will take this little book - edit it, package it and format it so you can see it in it’s entirety.

I’ve hyperlinked the older parts so you can check out the raw drafts.

Breaking Free From Mass Produced Consciousness

Table of Content

Part 1

  1. Self-overcoming and Self-reliance 

  2. Symbolic Death

  3. Will to Power

  4. A guide to think in one’s owns way 

  5. Towards new meaning and human values 

  6. Irreconcilable reasonless pain and suffering 

Chapter 5

Towards new meaning and human values

We don’t know what we don’t know. How can you know something if you’ve never ventured out towards it, seen it with your own two eyes and claim it? Everything we’ve thought really has been the construction of dried words that cast spellings in our mind and bring images that have come to define for us our entire fields of meaning and reason. We can’t go outside of it because it is in us. We are it and we define it. Yet it defines us. 

There’s about a million words that exist in the entire English language. How can we possibly think they have allowed us to really feel the depths of the soul. How can we possibly believe every time we have cried, every visceral angry raging emotions we have felt pulsing our blood, and every laughter of lightness of being we have floated, how can we believe they have defined for us and that we have truly lived? 

These individual words are cages. Most of them are. They are signs and symbols that communicate a meaning that does not lead us towards the truth of new realities within us. 

Think about it for one second. Shouldn’t you seek to define and uncover the language and the vocabulary of your own myth making? The sweet poems that wind flows through your own internal universe. The verses and words to your own liberation and higher purpose?  Each of the words of this human language are limitations imposed on our consciousness. To extract ourselves from yourself and to the world. These words they extract and then distract us. Truth is not bound in their construct. We consume them like fast food mindlessly walking out of tune, disjointed emotional messes. This is our society. It breeds our meaning structures like farm animals to behave like cattle, we don’t  question who we are and why we are and what our body feels inside. It's the illusion of free will. 

 It is imperative that we must strive for new meaning because it is the destiny of mankind. It is a flow we must align ourselves towards. The next stages of our evolution as a species resides in our ability to absorb new meaning within us and outside of us thus enabling the human values to rise we don’t know yet exist. These values are the guiding elders of our inner life. Each of them carry a magnetic force that connects and anchors us to our purpose and to our why for living. But these elders and all their potential are only limited and can only rise to the level of the meaning that we offer them and have experienced.

As a collective species we are living in a time that has never occurred before in human history. We are most infinitely connected by technological forces. Our societies are almost borderless and our media is defined by endless truths. We face crises of meaning beyond our comprehension yet we only use the old meaning that has been given to us from before to live and it's complete insanity. 

We are a birth waiting to happen stuck inside the womb. Don’t you know that you can create a new world for yourself? Don’t you know that you have to move towards new meanings and each step that you take to inform this living world inside of you and you must grow it, that through it you can bring humanity further towards its destiny. Are you willing to throw away and leave behind all that you were? To seek something new knowing that this wandering will bring you more purpose, more excitement, more balance. 

You have to actively find new meaning, everyday and every hour if you can. The soul demands it, the mind requires it, your mental health needs it, this seeking out for new perspectives and configurations of the world that you didn’t know before is what uncovers your destiny and your becoming. It’s the only way. 

Our values are nuclear reactors that demand massive amounts of organic foods like meaningful experiences and new understandings. Their potential and evolution to be fully manifested and fulfilled demands these new meanings. Or if we don't, a nuclear meltdown will bring toxicity all your inner life landscape, the symbols of the world will drown you out, you will feel down, you will feel lost, you will be a being without a voice, without that lighthouse to guide yourself and those around you. 

Learn to let yourself be in love with learning, in seeking to challenge your own belief systems, to continually grow in ways you didn’t know before. 

To move towards new meanings and new human values is to seek to move to your highest ideals. It's possible and it's true. Your highest ideals are your innate right. Isn’t that all we seek in this world, to be loved, to feel the beauty all round us, to feel connected to a large community, to have a level of belonging that allows us to thrive. To feel completely fulfilled with the challenging task at hand. To actualize all that you can be. You can have it all. You can have that and all the mysteries of your world.

New meaning is always hidden within a crowded forest of infinite masks, signifiers and infinite series of illusions. It is not a given in our society, it is not something that the world will teach you to do. 

You must grow your meaning structures, you must engage the deeper aspects of your being. Do it as if your life depends on it. 

Imagination is the active shaping of civilization of yourself and the world with your actions, your words and your characters and the art of your life. 

You have to engage your imagination. You have to see new things in your mind and breathe life into them. You have to consume new things you’ve never done before. Don’t harbor in your cage of dogma, don’t be so sure of the land you have formed for yourself. Do be too comfortable in the pain that has become your identity. 

Your imagination is the rivers that overflow within your consciousness to the eternity of the outer. Your imagination will be the surest thing that will uplift you out of an old habit. The imagination will be the thing that will integrate parts of you. We are imaginative creatures. This is the way of your future. 

Your imagination is the vehicle that is the map, that is the ship and the ocean to venture towards the new parts of yourself. The new meaning of your imagination is the world that has yet become true in you. Your imagination is the edge of your personal evolution.

Towards new meaning and human values is to become polymathical in your ways. To expand outwardly in every direction. To syncretize your thinking like a gigantic star moving planets all around. To learn from all dimensions and seep closer to the emotional, psychological, creative, intellectual layers and powers within you.

To find new meaning in your life is the next stage of your evolution. It's to reinvent yourself. Reinventing yourself is the only way to reconfigure the values in you.

New human values will be contingent on the single few who do the inner work within themselves that can lead by example and carve a path for others to see and reimagine what is possible. Those who will rise among their communities and express their inner world radically will begin to transition humanity towards new meaning and new human values. 

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In good spirit,