Fabrice's Newsletter #7

Chapter 1: The book I've always wanted to read

This newsletter tries to capture a myriad of topics and commentaries and bring you greater purpose and clarity in your life and in the world. My hope is this can inspire you to greater heights of understanding and a create a better future for this planet!

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I’ve been sensing a lot of darkness in the world most recently as if its a massive cloud and a shadow hovering over us. Its holding us down. It has been empowered by the disconnections within our collective community, the passing away of so many lives we are mourning due to COVID and the political decay of the last four years we are actively recovering from in the United States.

I can’t explain it, but in me, I have felt a strong need to lead more with my soul and embrace my gifts without fear. For this, I need to change and challenge myself even more. The world seems to demand it out of me. Yet I know a centered core is also required. Its not an easy balance to maintain. I recently participated in a talk on Afrofuturism hosted by New America and Future Tense with some amazing creatives. Check it out. It gave me new visions of what I needed to do. Especially learning from the future more directly of things that have yet arrived. The need to heed the calls of the future. See the Manifesto on the Future I wrote, its a critical piece to understand where I am coming from with all of this.

I need to push myself beyond what I currently think I am personally capable of achieving. Because as humans we are a wellspring of meaning and from that core in us the entire world sparks into existence. In order to perceive more, I have to be more. Because I cannot perceive yet what I am not the vibration of.

I came across this quote recently by the Persian poet Rumi which resonated with me deeply:

“If everything around seems dark, look again you may be the light”

I deeply believe that light or that soul which Rumi talks about is something inherent to all human beings on the planet. Its inherent in you and it is expressed through your capabilities and the strength you hold to rise to the occasion and actively create your life through your choices, your will power and your intuition. Its through that light you can attract the right people and situations to your life.

With that being said, I am going to share with you a book that I want to write and potentially maybe self-publish it towards the end. Going forward I will post parts and sections of the book over the next two-six months. I know I will be changed by this process, thats my goal, and I hope you will be too by it. The book will be a blend of philosophical essays, personal narratives and creative nonfiction pieces. We’ll see how it all unfolds.

Its inspired by one of the philosophers and writers that has inspired my thinking: Friedrich Nietzsche. Its the book that I’ve always wanted to read. Here’s what I am thinking roughly. I don’t have a title yet, and may come to me later. But I’ve posted the first chapter in its rough state below. Give it a read!


Table of Content

Part 1

  1. Self-overcoming and Self-reliance 

  2. Symbolic Death 

  3. Will to Power 

  4. A guide to think in one’s owns way 

  5. Towards new meaning and human values 

  6. Irreconcilable reasonless pain and suffering 

    Part 2

  7. Blind devotion 

  8. Isolation 

  9. The pursuit of philosophy 

  10. Must we ourselves not become Gods? 

  11. Widespread despair and nihilism 

  12. There are no facts only interpretations 

    Part 3

  13. Creative acts and experiences 

  14. Commodification 

  15. Individual pursuits of creative expression and subjective greatness 

  16. Creation of meaning 

  17. The Superman: idealized version of oneself

    Part 4

  18. Desire for greatness  

  19. Power over oneself

  20. Psychological and Spiritual Strength 

  21. Self-rediscovery 

  22. Your why in life to bear any how

Chapter 1

Self-overcoming and Self-reliance 

The number one person you will have to overcome is yourself. This is not a battle to fight the injustices of the planet. This truest battle happens inside of you. It's a war that the world and this intricately outdated design of our society has brought on to you. To your mind, to your heart and your body. It's all chained up. All that potential locked away inside a dark prison made out of golden bars. 

You have to realize this. Society doesn't force you to realize the magic you hold. It doesn't help you to understand that duality of a world we have come to embrace. This life of duality all comes at so much consequence to our own abundance and our own personal evolution. It continually impedes on who we are. 

It impedes on our own needed complexity, our own dialectical existence, our own dance to tune ourselves like a vast singing orchestra and laying in the right place every single part and aspects of yourself. To stand full and to sing loudly with authenticity. We need this. Yet the world has desperately failed us. 

The greatest battle one will have ever come to face is the battle of self. Who you think you are. Why you think you are this person. Why do you insist on reasoning with everything that you have known from your own personal experiences and from your own schooling that has trained the human species to the art of obedience. 

Critical thinking, creative thinking, self-interrogation has been thrown out of you. Tossed away. It's been all pushed down and its sparks and its flames are dormant. 

Self-overcoming is about understanding that the world we seek is entirely inside of us. We hold the answers to the greatest questions to fulfill that deep desire to actualize ourselves in ways we’ve been deprived of the ears or sight to even acknowledge the existence of. 

Our eyes blinded and our ears violently cut off with sounds and distractions so loud we cease to exist. We are erased from existence. We’ve created a mass of apathy. Walking zombies to the mundane. Imprisoned in a castle of our own making. Our own mind making. 

Isn't it so beautiful? What better way to keep people at bay distracted with lifeless storytelling and meaning systems that have become so tied to who we think we are. They’re so profoundly rooted as they themselves become the carved out canals of our own psychological meaning geography from which we engage our thoughts, our lives and others. Isn’t it so beautiful? The whole world comes in and it becomes us. Leaving no space whatsoever and the needed pathways to guide one human being towards their truest fulfillment. 

Isn't it so beautiful how vicious and violent this mess is? It's genius.  Pure genius. Lets have humans believe something is theirs for the making, its them, their own identity and by our evolutionary ways of self-preservation, we can never question it. Never. How can we question something and change and transform something if the vocabulary and language to do so has been hidden from us for so long? 

To break this curse, we can and we must. We have to find the treasures that are deep below the vast oceans of our self and our meaning geography. Diving to find them. Dying to this quest. Mining the wisdom from our own life and dealing with the pain that rises from it. 

Self-overcoming is about radically turning around your attention to your mind, to your thoughts, to your body and your feelings. To this ecosystem the world has blinded you to its degrees, its layers, its polarities, its rhythms and finer vibrations. To know that you and everything that you stand for can be reshaped to your own making and endlessly bursting out this continual chrysalis that is humanity. That is self-overcoming. Yet none of this is ever taught to you. Why would it? If it was, our current society would cease to exist. Something new and better would rise. 

Self-overcoming is this going on a long journey to take on the wretched seas, the turbulent waters and the endless storms and rapid jetstreams inside of you. 

The human being is a fiery species, one of love, one of purpose, one that actualizes all of its parts into one, like a star being born, like tectonic plates moving and islands rising to the surface of the internal oceans so life can be born. So a newness from the beyond can arrive. Moving seasons after seasons after seasons. Shedding its skin. Transformation after transformation we are. Yet how can we even begin to travel inside ourselves when society has frozen us. Stunted our growth. Clipped our wings. Frozen the seas and brought a hell so cold, to numb us, to deprived of our own eternal meaning. 

Right now we are faced with the greatest ice age that has truly ravaged our planet. An ice age of the mind so vast that it reflects untrue things in our lives. And our society reflecting on its crystalized surface enforces a disconnection based on lies and a world of différance. A world where ideas we believe don’t refer back to deeper truths but exist one by way of reference to other lies. Shadows on our wall eluding us forever away from the present moment of yourself.

How then do we bring this ice age to a halt? Melting its waters that are bound to flood us? Building this ship or climbing to safe harbor at peaks of mountains to prevent it from drowning us entirely? How then do we lift this wicked winter season that has overstayed its welcome in our lives and we’ve come to adopt as part of what is normal. This comfort. This stationary way of living. A chameleon in disguise. 

How then? How then? If this has been designed in us for so long since our childhood? and history moving in us even before we are born? How then do we welcome the natural flow of change that we are and bring forth in us the natural seasons from the heating force of the summer, the blooming of the spring and the clearing of the Fall that we can be and the reflection of the winter?

You have to create dangerously. You have to enforce your own self-destruction. It’s the only way that one can fully expel this poisonous spell that has rendered humanity strangers in their own temple. An ice age that has violently laid forth a silent civil war in us. Gluing us to black tar. Decapitating our movement. 

You have to find whatever way to create new meaning into the actual world. It's the only way. Self-overcoming is an active process, it is a motion in time, it's an action. It is best conducive to creation, the language of the world. You cannot meditate your way into Self-overcoming. 

Self-overcoming is about the facing of the dragon. This mythical beast is tall and large with wings flying fear all over your lands. Bringing the only fires that are untrue. Fires that you have come to respect and the only ones you have come to feel warmest from in the arctic winds. Self-overcoming is the moving inside of you to go to war and give yourself a fighting chance for your own dreams and your own beliefs that you have been placed here for a higher cause and higher purpose. 

This battle of the dragon, you must slay her with all your might, and bath in her blood and absorb her powers. This is no small feat. It is violent and it is the only way. This absorption and new awareness gained is what we call Self-reliance. 

This can only be reached by the teachings and awareness that has been gained from Overcoming yourself time and time again, overcoming all the parts of you that need to breathe in true alignment, that need to be brought up to a state of resonance and being in tune with what you truly desire. 

Self-overcoming is the return to the original self, your aboriginal self, your creative center. Self-overcoming is creating the unique keys to your lock.

How can you rely on yourself if your foundations, your core, your centeredness has all been based on lies? It's at best rocky and does not profoundly honor you, your spirit and what you can become. 

How can you rely on  yourself if the ingredients and cook book the world has provided you is to create only one thing, a recipe for harvesting and extracting your soul,  for building your own prison, for enabling your own incapacity, away from liberation, away from love, away from all the things you ever dreamt as a child. 

One cannot begin to be Self-reliant if they have not begun to overcome themselves. Bit by bit, you are the hero in your own journey, you have to decipher your own Cuneiforms. Your own language, unique to you, unique to your spirit, unique to your creative center, unique to how you think and how you feel. You have to venture out in the foreign and arid lands inside of you despite the pain, despite the losing of self and everything you have ever known to be. 

Self-reliance is slowly understanding in a very radically way who you are. Your finer points, the different parts and components that make you you. Your ancient language, encoded before the world and this horrid invasion had taken place. You are meant for greatness. An orchestra, orchestrating sounds to inspire and move people to live more freely with creation by your own anchoring of what rings highest to you. 

Self-reliance is the hero, going one by one liberating this large musical ensemble all spread out and hidden in the farthest corners of your world. It is the resuscitating  force needed to bring back the mammoth frozen in the ice. It is turning the melting waters into wine. It is the turning lead into the gold. 

One by one you the hero must gather and understand each member of this Orchestra. Your orchestra. Bringing them back to a single village, sitting around the bonfire of your soul, sitting with them, hearing them out, letting them tell their own stories, their whys without judging them, living them out through action,  then embracing the challenge of helping them find their unique magical tools that allow them to express themselves fully so they can play within their place in the entire ensemble of the whole of you. All of them are you. Each member will hold a unique tool whether that be a violin, a cello, a double bass, a flute, a oboe, a clarinet, a trumpet, a trombone or a tuba or anything in the unthinkable imagination. Know that time and action are needed to master these tools and devices.

  Self-reliance cannot occur until you learn to read the musical language unique to all these parts of your ensemble. Self-reliance to the highest degree is learning to make music with what you have and whom you have liberated and brought thus far within yourself. It is a call to be born. A primal scream to exist. Many feet dancing and moving in the sand. Shaping new forms into existence. Rejoicing and welcoming yourself to yourself. 

It is the building of a new village inside of you that can withstand the dark storms of life, the moving clouds that will pour rain and somber and dimming your eternal spark. Self-reliance is building back your own inner society. Reclaiming yourself and learning from yourself. Your own civilization that has been violently kept away from you for so long. Only then, self-reliance will always win.  

There will come a time when all cores have gathered together. There will come a place when these parts have all arrived and your center has been made. There will come a time where you have created safe passage and safe entree for the endless refugees and messengers inside you. Those forces who will hear the musical sounds and arrive to reside in that unbreakable and unshakable center. 

There will come a time where you have built a dam and tools to harness yourself, all the flows that move into you to vitalize new life and new wealth like the Nile river. There will come a place where all who live inside of you will be at home, playing their roles, moving a democratic center. There will come a time, bare no worries, that you will sing your song, all of its beat, all of its motions, and everything you’ve desired will synchronize. 

There will come a time and place in you where this central bonfire of your soul that was once a tiny spark will begin to move up and rise into your sky. All of you will watch as this eternal sun will center all of your things as the truest conductor that you will surrender to, and it will shine on all of your lands, on all your shapes, your patterns, all levels and all the heroes who have stepped fully into their roles, bringing forth all potential that you are and place back in motion the natural seasons of your inner world frozen for so long. Hold safe that little spark. Let it guide you through this eternal darkness that the world has made the norm to this world inside of you.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, this self-overcoming and self-reliance is your destiny that awaits if you are willing to take it.

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In good spirit,